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20 January 2019

Achiltibuie Garden Media and nutrients

tomato feed for hydroponic growing

Achiltibuie Garden liquid tomato feed from £5.50

Product Ref: 0510

This 3-part liquid feed is precisely formulated for using in a hydroponic system and was developed at the old Hydroponicum in Achiltibuie. It provides all the nutrients needed for healthy plant growth: full details of constituents are given on each bottle label. This tomato food is sold in a concentrated liquid form and comes with full dilution instructions for each stage of plant growth; the instructions for use can also be downloaded here. These should be used as a general guide, but please remember that weather conditions will influence your plants' growth and you may need to adjust the feeding rate accordingly. If you'd like advice or help with plant feeding, please contact us.

Our Tomato feed is now also available in a powder form: for details, click here.

The Achiltibuie Garden 3-part liquid Tomato feed gives great results for tomatoes, courgettes, melons and other high-yielding fruiting plants. For other plants such as salads, herbs, strawberries or houseplants, you'll get good results by using our General purpose feed. Alternatively, please contact us for instructions on Tomato feed dilution rates for other plants.

To provide all essential plant nutrients, the feed concentrate parts A & B are always both used at all stages of plant growth. Part C is used until first fruits have set.

The liquid feed concentrates are available as a set (parts A, B and C) or individually. You'll probably find that after one season you need to re-stock parts A & B, so a set is also available comprising 2 bottles of A and 1 of B.

Not sure what size to buy for a growing season? The amount of feed used each season will vary depending on growing conditions and the quantities listed below should only be used as a guide.
1 litre feed set for up to 2 plants
2.5 litre feed set for up to 4 plants
5 litre feed set for 5+ plants and larger systems

Different sizes and set combinations can be found on the drop down menu below.

Choose from the following:

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Weight: 1.90kg
PRICE: £5.50