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14 December 2018

Achiltibuie Garden Accessories and fittings Achiltibuie Garden Pots, planters and channels

 3m Fibreglass channel for hydroponics

Fibre glass channel - 1.5m length 19.00

Product Ref: 0312

These robust 1.5m fibreglass channels, part of the original Hydroponicum range of products, are specifically designed with a double groove in the base to hold our unique pyramid pots. The wicks from the pots lie in the nutrient flow to give optimum nutrient uptake. We supply them in 1.5 metre lengths (holding 4 - 6 pots depending on the plant spacing) and they give you a great solution if you want to set up a large hydroponic system, with easy plumbing and easy cleaning. Lengths of channel can be easily joined together to form longer channels; if you want to do this, please ask for your channel to be undrilled by adding your request to the Special Instructions box at the checkout. 

We have connected these channels together in our Keder greenhouse at the Achiltibuie Garden, and have filled them with pyramid pots to grow a range of salads, strawberries, flowers, herbs, tomatoes and dwarf beans.

This product attracts an excess carriage charge due to its length so we have adjusted its weight so it will automatically fall into the correct carriage bracket.

If you'd like advice on channels or their plumbing requirements, please contact us. 

Weight: 20.10kg
PRICE: £19.00