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20 January 2019

Achiltibuie Garden Pest control

Combat sticky fly traps

Sticky insect catcher 4.05

Product Ref: 1245

This is good for attracting and killing a host of greenhouse insects including greenfly, blackfly, whitefly and midges...

The greenhouse insect catcher uses aureola-yellow adhesive traps to reflect light at a wavelength that greenhouse pests find irresistible.  Safe and easy to use (just peel off the backing and hang it up), it gives you a visual monitor of the build-up of greenhouse insects and works continuously, reducing and eventually eliminating the need for sprays and poisons.  Whitefly in particular are strongly attracted to yellow. Agitate the foliage of your plants to get them airborne and many will fly up and land on the traps.

Poison free and made from biodegradable materials which may be disposed of with ordinary household waste.

Weight: 0.15kg
PRICE: £4.05