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21 January 2019

One of the many advantages of using Gold growing medium is that it can be re-used.  By doing so it saves money, reduces waste and is better for the environment.

Once the growing season is over, don’t throw out your Gold growing medium, instead sterilise it ready for next season.  This can be done in either a domestic oven or a microwave.

Start by removing any plant debris from the Gold, and before putting into a suitable shallow dish, make sure it hasn’t dried out. If you are using a microwave protect the magnetron by adding approximately 100ml water to the Gold.

Time guidelines:
Domestic oven - 200ºC for about 25 minutes
Microwave oven – full power for 2 minutes
These times are not exact but are just to be used as a guide.

If you are planning to re-use the Gold, towards the end of the growing season we would recommend that you just give your plants plain water.  This allows the plants to use up any remaining nutrient in the Gold

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