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20 February 2019

Delivery charges

At The Achiltibuie Garden our policy is to try to keep delivery charges to a minimum, but we are very much bound by what our carriers charge us. We have a sliding scale of charges rather than a single flat rate because we think this is a fairer system and it means that if you only order a few small, light items you'll pay less for carriage.

The amount of carriage you pay for your order depends on its total weight. To help you see what the carriage charge will be, each product shows its weight beside the price. When you complete the checkout process online, your final carriage charge will be shown.

The rates are:

Up to a total weight of 0.05 kg:          £1.50
0.06 - 0.49 kg                                  £2.95
0.50 - 20.00 kg                                £5.95
20.00 - 49.00 kg                              £9.95
over 49 kg                                      £19.95

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