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21 January 2019

What can I grow using hydroponics?

With hydroponics it is possible to grow a wide range of plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees - basically it depends on the space available and what you like to grow.

When we were in the old hydroponicum we wowed visitors with the amazing variety of plants we grew there.  As well as creating a wonderful visual display of exotic flowers using plants such as strelitzia, bouganvillea, jasmine... we also grew delicious soft fruits, trees, vegetables, salads, herbs, chillies and tomatoes using our hydroponic growing systems.  Root crops were not forgotten as we adapted containers - not to mention drainage pipe! - to grow potatoes, rhubarb, parsnips, carrots and artichokes. Houseplants also do well in hydroponics - often not requiring to be repotted as often as when grown conventionally.  Julie recommends using acorn or seul eau pots as they come with feed granules - 1 tsp lasts for 3 months!

As all the nutrients plants and trees need are brought to them via the watering system, you are able to grow large trees in small pots.  Our pyramid pots have been successful for growing dwarf root stock fruit trees such as apples and pears.  Although the trees do not grow high, the fruits are definately full size (if not larger!).

So far our new keder growing house at The Achiltibuie Garden has 2 hydroponic growing systems in it - our own channel system and a NFT hydro gully system.  To keep up with demand for our salads Di has a new floating raft system under construction.  It works on the same principal as the one we have available from our online shop.

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