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21 January 2019

Is growing hydroponically difficult?

There are different methods of using hydroponics and hydroponic systems for the amateur grower are generally easy to use.  At one time or another most of us have used hydroponics without realising it - do you remember growing cress on blotting paper at school?  Before the festive season it has been traditional in many homes to grow hyacinths in a specially designed vase - all you do is add water, the place the bulb in the "bowl".

The original Hydroponicum growing kits have been designed to be suitable for all levels of experience and are perfect for beginners.  It is possible to start off with a salad and herb garden, which is our most popular growing kit, and add to it as many of our customers have done over the years.  With a few exceptions, our kits don't need mains water or electricity and are suitable for indoor or outdoor growing.  To find out what our kits can be used for click here.

All the systems we supply come with full instructions and the reassurance that we will provide pre and after sales support.

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