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21 January 2019

Advantages of using Hydroponics

Simple & Easy to use:  for beginners and those who want results without getting technical, hydroponics can be a very simple method to use.

Extended growing season: because the best results are obtained under cover, such as a greenhouse or polytunnel, a longer growing season is possible.
No soil used, so no need for digging or weeding.  It also means that there are no soil-borne pests and diseases.

Great flavour: by feeding the plants with a complete nutrient solution which provides all the mineral nutrients needed for growth.

Plants grow more quickly with increased yield, giving more plants per square metre and needing a much smaller space for the same return. This is partly because hydroponically grown plants do not need to form extensive root systems, unlike soil grown plants which need to go out looking for their nutrients.  They grow many fibrous roots and take up food and water very efficiently, so they can devote more energy into foliage, flowers and fruits.  Also, the nutrient solution used provides the complete range of mineral nutrients needed for plant growth in unlimited quantities and the plants also have access to as much water as they need.

Suitable for using anywhere:  hydroponics can be used in places where ordinary gardening is difficult and can give high yields from a much smaller growing space. Hydroponic growing can be done indoors, outdoors, underwater and even in space!

Where outdoor growing is not an option: for some people growing outdoors is simply not possible.

No garden required: with the variety of hydroponic growing kits available you can grow fresh produce in hanging baskets, on windowsills, balconies, patios - practically any small space can be used. 

Safe: ongoing concerns about food scares such as pesticide residues means that the only way to guarantee healthy, affordable, delicious fruit and vegetables is to grow them for yourself.

Water conservation: hydroponics uses a fraction of the water needed for conventional soil-based growing methods.  The nutrient solution is re-circulated until it is used up by the plants meaning that the only losses from the system are from evaporation.

Space:  makes more efficient use of the growing space available.

Crop rotation: hydroponics doesn't need rotation of crops.

Ageing population: as demographics lead us to an ever-increasing ageing population, hydroponics enables everyone to enjoy gardening no matter whether wheelchair bound or without a garden. As no digging or weeding is needed, the hard physical nature of traditional gardening is eliminated.

Education: hydroponics is increasingly being used by schools as an education tool. This means that an ever-growing number of young people will have the knowledge and interest in the technology of hydroponics.

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