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21 January 2019

Hydroponic growing media
We use several types of growing media including a perlite/vermiculite mix which we call Gold (see below for more information about Gold), expanded clay pebbles, rockwool and coir fibre. These can all be purchased in our online shop. The growing media used for hydroponic growing are inert and don't provide any nutrition to the plants. They are used to provide support, hold moisture and provide aeration.

Gold growing medium
This our own unique mix of perlite and fine grade vermiculite and is suitable for using at all stages of plant growth, from propagation to maturity. Gold was developed at the Achiltibuie Hydroponicum and we manufacture it ourselves. Most of our own plants are grown in Gold and it is the most popular type of growing medium with our customers. Gold is designed to provide ideal conditions for root growth by holding exactly the right balance of air and water. Many more fibrous feeding roots are formed in Gold than in soil or compost and so large plants can be sustained in relatively small pots.

Gold is a mix of perlite and vermiculite (volcanic rock products) enriched with an initial supply of nutrients. It is sterile and free of diseases and pests. It is possible to use Gold again and again. It can be re-sterilised by heating in an oven or, on a small scale, in a microwave!

Clay pebbles
Lightweight sterile aggregate for use in pot culture or flood and drain systems. Also useful as a decorative mulch on the surface of Gold growing medium to reduce algal growth and evaporation.

This is an expanded volcanic rock which absorbs water and nutrients. This grade is ideal for helping to maintain the correct water to air ratio in the root zone. Use in potting mixes with vermiculite or soil, or it makes a good growing medium on its own.

Coco mix
This is a coir based growing medium with added perlite and a starter dose of organic nutrients. It can be used in pots and is especially recommended for use with AutoPot Products. It is made from ground coconut husks so is totally organic and can be dug into soil or composted after use. It has excellent air to moisture ratio. 
It contains 90% Coco fibre, 10% Perlite, Nutrimate organic nutrient.

Rockwool (Grodan)
Made from spun molten rock these cubes combine moisture retention with good aeration at the root. Place propagated plants into the hole at the top.  These blocks can be used for growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Perfect for NFT systems.

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