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20 January 2019

Achiltibuie Garden Accessories and fittings Achiltibuie Garden Pots, planters and channels

Achiltibuie Garden has a selection of pots suitable for hydroponic growing, including net pots, planters and the original hydroponicum pyramid pots.

Pyramid pot for hydroponic growing

Pyramid pot complete 3.50

Product Ref: 0309

The unique pyramid pot, from the original Hydroponicum wick system, allows plant roots to spread outwards in a natural way, yet reduces surface area preventing loss of water and growth of algae...

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Pyramid pot base for hydroponics

Pyramid pot base and wick 2.45

Product Ref: 0310

The self-watering base, from the original Hydroponicum range of hydroponic growing kits, can be used to germinate seeds or to grow small hydroponic plants (good for herbs and lettuces)...

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
Pyramid pot top for hydroponics

Pyramid pot top only 1.50

Product Ref: 0311

Pyramid shaped clip-on top (L 16.5cm x W 16.5cm x H 9.5cm) for pyramid pot base unit...

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
Hydroponic planter

Planter & bracing strip 8.95

Product Ref: 0315

Part of the orginal Hydroponicum wick system range of products the popular hydroponic planter accommodates up to 4 pyramid pots.


Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
Bracing strip

Bracing strip 2.50

Product Ref: 1211

These aluminium bracing strips have been designed for use with our original Hydroponicum green planters ...


Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
hydroponic basket filled with flowers

14 inch hanging basket & mat only 8.00

Product Ref: 0457

Buy just the basket with its capillary mat and strong chain.

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
2 inch net pots for hydroponics

2 inch net pot 0.10

Product Ref: 1207

For use in NFT systems.

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>

2 inch plain pot 0.11

Product Ref: 1206

These plain pots can be used...

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
13cm square pot ideal for Flood & Drain systems

13cm square pot 0.50

Product Ref: 1208

13cm Square pots are perfect for standing in a flood & drain system...

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
 3m Fibreglass channel for hydroponics

Fibre glass channel - 1.5m length 19.00

Product Ref: 0312

These robust 1.5m fibreglass channels, part of the original Hydroponicum range of products, are specifically designed with a double groove in the base to hold our unique pyramid pots.

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>
End piece for 3m hydroponic channel

Channel end piece 1.05

Product Ref: 0313

This end piece can easily be sealed into the 3m fibreglass channel...

Achiltibuie Garden More Details >>