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24 March 2017

Achiltibuie Garden Let's Grow kits

3m channel general purpose hydroponic growing kit

apple trees growing in hydroponics

Channel kit for general purpose £170.00

Product Ref: 0306

This fully automatic hydroponic kit is suitable for a variety of plants, flowers, fruit or herbs to grow happily side by side. The kit is sold as a complete system: you simply sow your seeds into the minipropagators provided, then transplant them into the pyramid pots. You'll soon be harvesting your favourite crops in a fraction of the time taken to raise the same crop in a soil-based system.

The versatility of this kit allows you to use either the complete pyramid pot for larger plants or the bases only for herbs and salads, or a mix of both. Automatic watering offers a solution if you like to have time away and don't want to rely on other people to water your plants.

The kit includes 2 x 1.5m lengths of channel in which to sit the pyramid pots, as well as a joining piece to give you a 3m length. The feed included will get your growing off to a good start.  If you need to buy more feed later in the season, click here, and you can add more channels too.

Weight: 30.00kg
PRICE: £170.00