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24 March 2017

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DualFlow flood & drain hydroponic growing kit

lettuce growing in flood & drain hydroponic system

DualFlow flood & drain system complete kit 141.00

Product Ref: 0351

Fully automatic, compact and highly productive, this flood and drain system with its tank and tray by DualFlow hydroponics can be used to grow any type of plant. Use the 13cm pots supplied for salad leaves, herbs and flowers or for larger plants, loose-fill the tray with the clay pebbles growing medium and plant into the bed. Its automatic watering system means it looks after itself for a week or two at a time, making it ideal for looking after your houseplants while you're away on holiday.

The overall dimensions of the system are 1200mm x 475mm with the tray giving a growing area 900mm x 410mm. Extra trays can be added (up to 5 for one tank) to give a total growing area of 1.7 sq. m.

We supply a single tray and tank, together with pots, growing medium (clay pebbles) and feed, to give you a complete kit which includes full instructions for use. The kit also includes a pump, fittings, pH down solution and a pH test kit. The feed included is our own general purpose 3-part mix which is suitable for a wide range of plants.


Weight: 41.00kg
PRICE: £141.00